Doctor Availability

We have provided the timetable as a guide to which doctor works on which days, as this may help you when scheduling your next appointment. Please note, the roster changes regularly, as doctors take holidays from time to time. Your best guide to availability is via HotDocs Online Bookings or call reception on 4284 4622.

Please also note:

  • Doctors work on a rotational basis for Saturdays. Please check with reception or via our Facebook page.
  • Dr Michael Hanson works alternate Mondays and Fridays every second week.
  • Dr Jeffrey Hall works Mondays every second week.


Mon AM Mon PM Tue AM Tue PM Wed AM Wed PM Thu AM Thu PM Fri AM Fri PM Sat AM
Dr Victoria Beyer
Dr Julie Blaze
Dr John Deady
Dr Hayley Glasson
Dr Rebecca Goodman
Dr Saroja Gunasekera
Dr Jeff Hall
Dr Michael Hanson
Dr Amy Harkness
Dr Helen Maclean
Dr Berlinda Png
Dr Meaghan Miller-McConochie