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Fellow of the Australian College of General Practitioners, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor or medicinal Chemistry.

Specialisations/Area of Interest:

Preventative health, paediatrics, accident and emergency,

Nathan has been caring for people as doctor since graduating from the university of Wollongong in 2010, since then he has worked in various regional hospitals in NSW and Queensland but returned to Bulli to work as a GP. As a younger doctor he sees lots of children and younger people with acute health issues but he has also trained to manage chronic illness. However he has a special interest in semi emergency and emergency conditions (eg. abdominal pain, chest pain, suspected broken bones, lacerations and severe infections) and still works one day a week at the Wollongong hospital emergency department.

He believes a good doctor;

  • Is generous with time. A typical standard consultation should be 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Is a good listener. Good communication skills can be at least as important as how well a GP has been trained to diagnose and treat illness.
  • Doesn’t over-prescribe. Many conditions don’t need to be treated with drugs, and a good GP won’t fob you off with a handful of prescriptions.
  • Doesn’t just ask questions, but also does a physical examination (takes your blood pressure, listens to your chest, and/or examines a sore throat, for example).
  • Asks about other conditions or problems you may be having, besides the problem that you attended for.

Dr Nathan Beckman is available for appointments on Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.

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