Flu Vax and Winter Booster

April 14, 2022

Flu vax

2022 influenza vaccination is recommended for people aged 6 months and over. We expect more cases of influenza this winter compared to the previous two years, as lock-down and other covid-safe restrictions have eased, and social gatherings indoors are increasing.

To book your 2022 influenza vaccine, please book online with any of our nurse practitioners:

Alternatively, you can book your flu vax by calling reception on 4284 4622.

Winter booster

The government is also recommending an additional booster (fourth dose) of COVID-19 vaccine to increase protection over the cooler months for:

  • Adults 65+ years
  • Aged care and disability care facility residents
  • People 16+ years who are severely immunocompromised (for this group it will be your 5th does)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 50+ years.

The winter booster can be given four or more months after the previous booster, or four months after confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for the winter booster as it has evidence of being the most effective, but AstraZeneca can be used when an mRNA vaccine is contraindicated. Novavax can be used if no other COVID-19 vaccine is considered suitable.

The 2022 influenza vaccine and the winter booster can be given on the same appointment. If you are eligible and wish to have both together, book online to get your winter booster via HotDocs (COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer) and advise the staff on arrival at the practice that you also want your flu vax. Alternatively, you can book by calling reception on 4284 4622.