Men’s Health Week

June 13, 2021

Men’s Health Week is celebrated from 14 – 20 June 2021. It provides an important opportunity for our community to reflect on the different health needs of men who, on many measures, have poorer health than women.

In Australia, men die from coronary artery disease and lung cancer at twice the rate of women. Men’s rate of hazardous alcohol consumption is twice that of women. Men suicide at four times the rate of women and men are killed in motor vehicle accidents at three times the rate of women.

Men in the age group of 15-44 years are the least likely of all age-sex groups in Australia to have accessed GP services in the last 12 months.

There are many reasons men should visit their GPs at least annually. For physical issues like blood pressure checks, health screening and optimising a healthy lifestyle. Men also need to develop a trusted relationship with their GPs and seek help when confronted with major life events and/or mental health issues.

Men’s Health Week provides an opportunity to remind men to engage with their own healthcare and ensure their health screenings are up to date.

Essential Health Screening for Men

Essential Screening for Men

Health Care Assessments

Men aged 45 to 49 years who are at risk of developing chronic disease and all men over 75 years can have comprehensive health assessments with their GP and practice nurse. These assessments are funded by Medicare and incur no out-of-pocket expenses.