Men’s Health Week: 10 – 16 June

June 5, 2019


Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to reflect on the different health needs of men. Life expectancy for men is four years less than women.

Men’s Health Issues

Studies suggest unhealthy lifestyle practices such as tobacco use, alcohol misuse, poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise are higher in men than women.

Despite higher rates of suicide, men are less frequently diagnosed with depression compared to women. This partly reflects biological drivers but also social and cultural gender roles where men are socialised to be less emotionally focussed than women. Men are less likely to recognise depression in themselves and less likely to seek help.

“Men in the age group of 15- 44 years are the least likely of all age-sex groups in Australia to have accessed GP services in the last 12 months,” said Dr Jeff Hall. “We encourage all our male patients to make time for their health check. We’re open late (until 8pm) weekdays and Saturday mornings so you can book an appointment at a convenient time.”

For more information visit Men’s Health Week.