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Bulli Medical Practice is proud to announce a new partnership with Travelvax to improve and expand our travel health service.

Our clinical staff can access the most up to date information for illnesses related to travelling overseas and have recently updated their training in travel medicine to ensure your next overseas journey is one free of illness. We have increased the range of travel medicine stock including competitively priced travel vaccinations (including Yellow Fever), a wider range of Medical Kits, malaria tablets, insect repellents and water purification aids.

Bulli Medical Practice is a member of International Society of Travel Medicine.

Other services offered include:

  • Full range of travel vaccinations (including Yellow Fever) stocked onsite
  • Vaccination certification
  • Travel medicine kits (including medications for gastrointestinal illnesses and antibiotics)
  • Diving medicine examination

Doctors at Bulli Medical Practice with interest and expertise in travel and diving medicine:


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We are a TravelVax Travel Health Service.
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