Weight Management Program

An increasing number of Australians struggle to maintain a healthy weight range and find a realistic approach to weight loss. The Weight Management Program at Bulli Medical Practice has delivered results for patients for more than six years. It includes:

  • An initial 12-week program tailored to your goals
  • Weekly visits with practice nurse
  • Monthly reviews with your doctor
  • Referral to allied health partners
  • Education on topics such as meal planning, eating out, reading food labels, healthy snacks and recipe adaptation
  • Meal replacement intervention (see information below)
  • Medications to enable weight loss (if appropriate)
  • Assessment for surgery (if indicated)
  • Ongoing maintenance tailored to your individual circumstances.


The average weight loss achieved by our patients over the 12-week program is 8.64kg. Other reported benefits include lowered cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, increased exercise, and improved wellbeing.

There are many success stories and patients especially value the accountability of regular visits, the openness of staff and the support provided with maintenance.

Program Structure

Pre-program Visit

This visit is to discuss the program and establish if it is suitable for your needs.

Initial Assessment

At the first visit, with both the nurse and the doctor, we establish your goals and work out a plan to follow over the initial 12-week program.

Weekly Nurse Visits

You will meet with the nurse every week to check in and check that you’re receiving the support you need to meet your goals.

Monthly Doctor Visits

Your doctor will review your progress every month and adjust your program as required.


Call the practice on 4284 4622 to book a weight management pre-program visit.

Meal Replacement Interventions

One option for short-term weight loss is a meal replacement-intervention. This process involves a very low-calorie meal replacement over an initial three-month period. The intervention should be medically supervised, particularly if there are other health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Bulli Medical Practice is accredited to supervise Opti-Fast, where all meals can be substituted with a meal replacement shake, soup or bar. This induces an altered metabolic state where fat is burnt more quickly. This results in initial rapid weight loss which can bolster confidence to make the sustained dietary and exercise changes that are needed for long term weight management.