Respiratory Clinic & COVID 19 Testing

Respiratory Clinic

Patients with any fever, cold or respiratory symptoms can be seen by one of our doctors face-to-face in our dedicated afternoon respiratory clinic.

Please do not book online – call reception on 42844622.

Please wear a mask to your appointment.

Drive Through COVID 19 tests

We continue to offer drive-through Covid 19 testing at Bulli Medical Practice.

Patients with any symptoms or concerns can call 4284 4622 for an appointment to have a COVID 19 test.

The Testing Process

  • Call 4284 4622 for an appointment. The service runs from Mondays to Saturdays.
  • Take part in a telehealth consultation with one of our doctors
  • Attend a drive-through swab in the Bulli Medical Practice car-park
  • Doctors or practice nurses wearing full personal protective equipment take naso-pharyngeal swabs while you stay in your car
  • The Practice sends samples to Southern IML Pathology for analysis
  • The Practice will advise you of the outcome within two to three business days.

The COVID 19 testing is offered in a separate, secure area to other services offered at Bulli Medical Practice.