eScripts now available

September 13, 2020

eScripts: A safe and convenient way to access your prescription medications

Electronic prescribing to patients, or ‘eScripts’ provides a secure, paperless method of receiving your prescription via your phone, tablet or home computer.
eScripts are especially useful for telehealth consultations as you won’t have to come into the practice to collect your script – it can now be sent to you via SMS or email.

You can use eScripts at participating pharmacies, and, if they also have a home delivery service, you won’t have to go out at all.

If you don’t have a mobile phone or other device, you can have the SMS or email with the barcode sent to a family member or carer. They can then use it at the pharmacy to collect your medicine for you.

eScripts are not replacing paper scripts but provide an alternative way to access your prescribed medications.

How do I get an eScript?

If you require medication following a consultation with your doctor, they will ask you if you’d like an electronic prescription or an eScript

They’ll send your prescription via SMS or email to your nominated number or email address (make sure you’ve updated your contact details with our reception team)

Check to ensure you’ve received the eScript before the end of your consultation.

Using an eScript at your Pharmacy

Electronic prescriptions look very different to paper ones. Each contains a unique QR code (like a barcode) which can be scanned at the pharmacy.

This allows the prescription information to be confidentially and securely exchanged with the pharmacist. The QR code will remain active until the prescription is filled or until it expires.

If your eScript includes repeats, your pharmacy can send these to you via SMS or email.

Please note, if you take more than one medication, you will need a separate QR code for each medication prescribed. This may mean that you receive more than one SMS or email for your prescriptions, but your pharmacist can help you to identify which barcode you need to use.

  • Doctors can send the eScript to you, a carer or family member, but not directly to the pharmacy.
  • At this stage, some pharmacies are still unable to scan eScripts. Please call ahead and check with your pharmacy or contact Bulli Medical Practice reception for a list of participating pharmacies.
  • Some pharmacies offering a home delivery service will allow you to forward the SMS or email with the QR code. This means, if you’re using telehealth, you can receive your medications without having to leave home.
  • If you happen to lose your phone, or, if you lose the email or SMS or accidentally delete it, then notify your doctor immediately. They will cancel that prescription and send you a new one.
  • For more information, you can watch this video produced by Best Practice:
  • For information on obtaining repeat prescriptions at Bulli Medical Practice, visit: Prescriptions